Amorgos is the easternmost island of the Cyclades and its oblong shape appears to be protecting the eastern Lesser Cyclades. It is an island rich in cultural heritage and a particularly wild beauty that impress visitors from the very first moment of their arrival.

Undoubtedly, this is an island of contrasts. Mountains on one side and steep slopes on the other, ending at fairytale beaches with crystal-clear waters. The sudden changes in the landscape enchant visitors, causing them an explosion of pleasant and intense emotions.

In Amorgos you will definitely encounter the hospitality for which the Greek people are famous. Its inhabitants struggled for many years due to the island’s isolated nature and lack of regular ferry services. They were deprived of communication and now that the island is developing fast, the Amorgeans generously offer unforgettable moments to visitors. They are good and honest people and despite the growth of tourism in recent years, they remain pure and loyal to their local tradition and culture. Throughout the summer and the rest of the year, religious festivals are held all over the island, as well as revivals of centuries-old traditions. These are unique opportunities to keep the ancient mores alive and introduce them to the next generations.
The Amorgeans are not complacent about all that their island has gifted them; they are constantly looking for new activities through which to promote all of the local beauties. Feasts of “psimeni raki” (the local spirit drink), “pasteli” (sesame seeds and honey candy), music, running races, Amorgos gastronomy days, diving competitions – these are just some of the new events that locals and tourists have embraced.

The island, with its Cycladic colour and unspoilt traditional character will impress you, mainly because here the old meets the new in perfect harmony, without one altering the other.


The only risk you will face when visiting Amorgos, is that you might never want to go back home!